Well we have a plan. Eddie loses immunity. I play the idol on him. We win.


So let's talk about that idol. Did it result in the desired effect? Not really. Was it wasted? Absolutely not. It strengthened my bond with Ella. I've proven to her and Samuel that I'm ready to hop ship. The fact that Eddie and friends never told me of the Johnny vote is telling enough.


So that vote was annoying. but now we are at the challenge, and I whoop Priscilla for the second time in a 1 on 1 and she uses some dumb bread to swap places with me. W/e do not really care, I need to make sure I am SAFE next vote so I need to make them vote for me, so Henry can play his idol on me and have their plans explode in their faces


Tribal Council Edit

so Henry said he will play his idol on me. Idk if the other alliance is really voting me or not, but all I know is I will be safe if there is another rock draw !!!


You never guess what just happened. Eddie and I promised not to target each other for this round. If we are both honest to each other we will work together since we don't only think it would be great to combinate our powers; it'd be a amazing storyline for this season. The two biggest enemies working together at the end and maybe even reaching FTC. And hey, I know most of the jury dislikes Eddie. So I would get tons of votes if I go to FTC with Eddie. But for now, I need to take out his allies. Named; Charley and Jared. Then I wanna take out Sam and Johnny since those two are jury threats and then Priscilla if it's a final two.


Figure I'd drop in again to explain myself before the vote is revealed. The plan was to ensure that Eddie didn't win immunity, by using my shrimp. I didn't really care who won immunity at that point, but it was an added plus that it was Johnny. Eddie will think that we're voting him out, so an idol could be played. However, Eddie may also think that we'd be voting Jared out since we tried that last time. That leaves the only option as Charley. Also, Henry flipped I guess. For all I know he could have told Eddie and had an idol prepared for Charley. Oh well, it's a risk worth taking.


Okay so plans have changed a bit, we have decided to play the idol on Charley. Which is kind of sketchy because this is all based off of what Priscilla is saying that I will not be getting votes because they think I have an idol, but if they are lying, and they vote for me, and charley gets an idol played on her, then for the rocks only henry and jared would be drawing rocks. So I mean either way its a mess and the only HORRIBLE scenario would be ANOTHER auction item, like a vote canceler. that would fuck. us, UP.


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