THE ONLY TIME I DIDN'T WANT CHRIS OUT, HE ACTUALLY GOES. I was not expecting this and I am shaking right now. I DON'T KNOW WHO FLIPPED. I KNOW EDDIE DID BUT I DON'T KNOW WHO ELSE. I don't even know who kept Chris oh my god. HELP.


So I just had a realization! I have been behind each person that went home at each tribal that I attended. Jake: I informed Chris that Jake was throwing his and my name around, which caused the tide to go against Jake. Felix: Hannah tried boot Charley, and they had made a deal with Charley and I, so in return, I booted Felix when Chris wanted Henry gone. Chris: I EXPOSED his idol and organized that shit! Now some might say this puts a target on my back, but I say, SWAG ORG GO HARD OR GO HOME WOOOOO!!!!!


Ok time for a blackfish to when I won immunity. Winnig that immunity eas AMAZING I only did it three times and Chris was sooo mad claiming that I did it all day. I'm sorry I can hit balls into holes brtter than you! Online anyway...but yeah winning that immunity was great because I've been losing every challenge for four tribals and it was starting to affect me a little and my state of mind in the game. So that win reinvigorated me a little or however you spell it. Fuck spelling that's like ten years ago. but it was just great to prove that I CAN win something and im not just a freakin loset who ducks st challrnges.


Thankfully, the vote worked out in the end and the idol was flushed. Blake comes to me and we talk a little about the blindside. I place all of the blame on Eddie, keeping my image as someone who went with the vote because no one else came up to me. I'm okay with putting Eddie in that position because well, he kind of admitted to being responsible for the blindside at the tribal council. Now that that's all said and done, do I trust him? Of course not, that was just a voting bloc. I know, he knows, we all do. Now, as for what will come of the future, we must see how this immunity challenge goes. I've already made myself known as one of the higher scoring competitors when it comes to flash games, so there's not use in trying to throw this one really.


Fuck this team they are doing literally nothing. I am trapped in a car for the next 4 hours on limited data coverage and they just say "I don't know how to do anything" so I need to do it for them.


Fuck Ali Tanveer who does he think he is.


Tribal Council Edit

Ella starts a group conversation earlier in the day with me, Blake, and Courtney. She feels that she's up next and that unless we unite, we're all going down one by one. Personally, I'm not sure if I trust this group at all. Ella might seek revenge for the Jamie blindside a long time ago, Blake knows for a fact that I was part of the voting bloc to take out Chris, and Courtney and I haven't really connected. My allegiance to this group is still pending. Maybe an opportunity will rise up where I may go ahead with this group, but as of now, it's hard to say.


So even with immunity, I'm trying to make a big move for this TC. I wanna break the Charley/Eddie duo. I already got Blake, Priscilla and Courtney to vote Eddie out. I'm trying to get Johnny and Sam now. If this works I eliminated Eddie who tried to throw me under the bus the first vote, flipped and blindsided Chris and might go home now by Queen Ella. Let this work pls.


Quite a few things happened last night and I was too tired to make a confessional then. Anywho, I solidified an alliance with Charley. It was all to gain trust with her, and make sure I'm not her number 2. I talk with Charley and she thinks we should take out either Blake or Samuel. I think Blake would be too obvious, so I think I convinced her to take out Samuel with me. I did a little bit of talking with Henry too. He's thinking Samuel or Blake as well. I also tried to patch things up with Blake a little bit more. I assured him that I didn't want him out, which is true. I told him that I could not campaign for him and that he was in danger, due to his immunity challenge win and being a part of the Aarhus tribe. Once Eddie gets on, I'll try to get his thoughts.


Ella talks to me, saying that she's looking to take out Eddie. She feels that she has Courtney, Samuel, Blake, and maybe Johnny with her. She's asking for my vote. It seems me and Johnny are the swing votes here. Well, that and this shiny little idol I have here. Here's the dilemma. Flipping on Eddie would mean that I wold probably lose Charley. Taking out Samuel would mean that I would stay tight with this group that I have here. That being said, I have to ask myself. Am I at the bottom of this group? I'm not sure if I'd be in a better position on that other group either. I mean, Eddie is my meat shield right now. It would suck to lose him. However, this may be my only chance to take him out. It would also sit well with Ella's group if it came down to them in the jury. I might be able to convince Charley that Johnny was the one who flipped. It's a risky move. Definitely, definitely risky. I'll see how it goes when talking with Eddie, Henry, and Charley before making my decision. Right now though, it seems to be good leaning towards helping Ella's group.


I haven't done this much talking in this game since...before the game. Anyways, JUST A LITTLE SUMMARY OF WHAT HAPPENED. So when I got home at 12 pm today, Eddie told me "WE NEED TO MAKE A MOVE AND GET HENRY OUT." Then he proceeded to tell me that Henry wanted me gone.

And I knew he was lying right to my face. Soon after, Sam sent me a pic of Eddie saying he was going to vote me out and warned Sam not to get associated with us. Like who made you king? Telling people who to talk to and who to not talk to? Okay. So I want Eddie out, right now. I've talked to Priscilla, I've talked to Johnny, I've talked to Henry. I need to get these votes. Ella is doing the same. I just hope I can get the votes to drive the evil spirit out of this game. PLEASE.


So I talked to Ella during all this drama and I said I'd vote off Eddie with her but I'm really with Eddie and the plan is to get Blake out but I'm voting Johnny incase of idols


Poor Blake going home... oh well. Maybe I've been lied to and there's a bunch of stuff going on - it'd make a lot of sense to me