Guess who approached me today. Eddie comes up to me asking why I voted for him. As you guys know, I didn't. Both times I didn't. He says that Jared, Courtney, Charley, Johnny, and Henry voted for him to stay. Now at this point, I am livid. Obviously I don't show it in chat, but wow. I can't believe that he trusts Johnny more than me. You know, I already had a reason to try to take him out. But, when you undervalue my trust and loyalty? You. Are. Dead. To. Me. Of course I patched it up with him. He's now grown a reason to be wary of me however.


So this next vote is going to be SUPER scary for me. It's one thing dealing with 1 x factor, and it's a whole different thing dealing with 2 x factors, and it is a WHOLE different thing dealing with 2 x factors after an auction where a shit tone of stuff was given away! Ugh, there could be double votes, there could be idols, you never know, all I'm hoping is that I can snatch this immunity and play a little reckless with the vote. But if I don't win immunity, I will have to play it safe and conserve my numbers.


Today I fucked up. I told Charley about the clues but made sure to switch guys and girls. But she didn't see and guessed an episode in which a girl was voted out. If she gets the idol I spent $500 making my ally not trust me


Tribal Council Edit

Eddie won immunity. Whatever. At least I have this french bread! Just kidding it sucks. I actually kind of wanted him out. Henry tells me that Eddie doesn't trust me. I expected as much. Now I have to be a looooot more careful with my words around him. Anywho, Eddie has a plan to take out Ella. I agree to it, and I convince Henry to go along with it. I'm not going to give Eddie another reason to distrust me. He can swing the votes against me really easily. As much as Ella and Samuel are against Eddie, I pretty much betrayed them. Oh well, let us see how it plays out from here on out.


So Jared and I voted Johnny to prevent idols but that wouldnt have even MATTERED so now i am stuck in a tie which i THINK will work out in my favor but with my luck watch me walk out with a snuffed torch lmao


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