1stHonor2 Girls 1 Cup AllianceA Last Ditch Effort
A Last Ditch Effort/ConfessionalsA Sense of ReliefA Sense of Relief/Confessionals
A Tribe Constructed of ShitA Tribe Constructed of Shit/ConfessionalsAarhus
Aarhus 2.0 AllianceAddoumAlexander (BB2)
Andrew (BB1)Angie (BB2)As Long As It Ain't Me
Ayhan (BB2)Barness10Big Brother 1
Big Brother 2Bitches Get StitchesBitches Get Stitches/Confessionals
Bjorn (BB1)Blake (Denmark)Blue-Ribbonz
Booger403Brayden (BB1)Brianna (BB2)
Bryce (BB1)BuhayCaleb Loki
Cali (Denmark)CanoasCasey423
Charley (Denmark)Chris (Denmark)CirieFields
ConndorCourtney (Denmark)DBWAWESOMEPOSSUM
Daniel (BB1)David (BB1)Delonjnaidu
EcheverríaEddie (Denmark)Edward (BB2)
Ella (Denmark)Emmanuel (BB2)Eva (Denmark)
Fakeboy823Farther Than BeforeFarther Than Before/Confessionals
Felix (Denmark)Fitz0021ForeverTyC
GanbatteGanbatte/ConfessionalsGavin (BB1)
GibsonPraise520GoldAce153Green Day
Hannah (Denmark)HappyPieHenry (Denmark)
How The Hell Could You ForgetHow The Hell Could You Forget/ConfessionalsHow To Play/TOS
I Control EveryoneI Feel Like They Are PlasticI Feel Like They Are Plastic/Confessionals
I Left In StyleI Left In Style/ConfessionalsIlikebugs
Im so PijanImmaxymanIt's Do or Die
It's Do or Die/ConfessionalsIvanLaurenceJakeGoesInLine
Jake (Denmark)Jake RJamie (Denmark)
Jared (Denmark)Jaylen (BB2)Jcubs
JeffyladnerJennifer.mac.3John (BB2)
Johnny (Denmark)Jolandri (Philippines)Juanmaseta
Just LeaveJust Leave/ConfessionalsKinavatse
Kings, Queens and Everything InbetweenKororFanKulebubz
Laugh in the Haze!Life'sARiverList of Swag ORG contestants
LordFoaFoaLori (Denmark)Lucky (BB2)
MagandaMalayaMarco (BB2)
Max (BB2)MewghanMichael (Denmark)
MinervaMohammed (BB2)MrGuitarman02
MystiaBlueNajimRahman11Nathaniel (BB2)
Norbert (BB1)PaeNtiPelotas
PeñaPieniazek666Pijan Safehouse
Player of the SeasonPodgoricaPriscilla (Denmark)
Project Three GreecePun AllianceRedGoodBoy
Redturtle632Risk Worth TakingRisk Worth Taking/Confessionals
SWAG ORG GO HARD OR GO HOME/ConfessionalsSalinasSam (Denmark)
SammyDogSanny (BB2)Satnaam
Seek RevengeSeek Revenge/ConfessionalsSerpiente
Seviper4363Shady Ass RatShady Ass Rat/Confessionals
Silemy1SirKillawattSlay The Dick
Slay The Dick/ConfessionalsSpiderman2013Stay the Majority!
Survivor: AfricaSurvivor: BrazilSurvivor: Denmark - Battle of The Sexes
Survivor: MexicoSurvivor: Montenegro - Battle of The SeasonsSurvivor: Philippines
Swag ORG WikiSyrupTatasport
Taylor (Denmark)That Girl Is A TankThat Girl Is A Tank/Confessionals
The MajorityThe MavericksThe Pelotas Alliance
The Same BoatThe Same Boat/ConfessionalsThe Sisterhood
Tom (BB2)Town of Salem 1/Status ListW0ahJack877
We Are The Ones Who Saved HimWendy (BB1)Who'd've Thunk
Who'd've Thunk/ConfessionalsWreckingRedXCoggeshall
XKidSamXxSolarEclipsexXYasmin (BB2)
You're All BarkYou're All Bark/ConfessionalsYrneh

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