Well, everyone wasn't telling the truth.

I'm a very calm person. I consider myself to be quite serene and happy. So I'm not gonna blow up at Miss Ella. And I know it was her that flipped because Blake TOLD me how he'd sign his vote. So Blake- good, Ella- bad, is the basic gist of how that last vote unfolded. People may not agree with me, but Blake just made the best possible move. Now I don't want him to go anywhere because I know I can trust him, more than I can trust quite a few of the girls. As for Ella, well. Sorry girl. Your choice, not mine.


So Micheal goes home, and if I learned anything from that tribal, it's that I need to get way more invested into this tribal. I'm going to try and solidify something with Lori, and maybe Ella (Even though the child flipped on my ass). I would hate to lose again, but if we do, hopefully we can just easily vote out Chris.


I'm so dumb. I'M A DUMBASS OKAY. Fkor some reason I had this whole notion in my head that chris wanted me gone and that I needed to make sure he won't be able to do that and now he's telling me he actually wanted me to win cause he didn't want to win since it would make him a threat when he returns in main org and I'm just so mad at myself. I made this move for absolutely no reason since Chris wasn't even after me and now everyone is mad at me and now I voted out Mike who was so fucking nice and amazing and I'm just fucked up in the head ok. GOD WHY AM I SO DUMB. I'M THE PARANOID BITCH HERE I'M THE ACTUAL CERSEI and now I can't go back. Ugh.


So a lot has happened! I have constructed what I think is a really solid group of people to work with, they are: Charley, Hickman, Courtney, Jared, and myself. This group of 5 I think is really well rounded and I think we got what it takes to strategically break down our opposing alliance. If we calculate everything correctly, and take out the big X factors in the game that could mess things up, I think we will have a higher chance of succeeding at the merge


Blake is shady. I don't trust Chris at all. Ella gives me Aj flashback trauma. Lori is a follower. Eva is maybe a little to trusting. And bitch ass I need a damn margarita


How bad is Aarhus? I mean really, I'm kinda bummed that we're the crap tribe since we're also the GIRL or majority girl tribe. It always sucks to be on the tribe that doesn't win but when you're trying to rep for your whole gender it makes it ten times worse.

I hope any girl who follows this season feels completely embarassed by us and knows we don't represent her at ALL.


Figure I should make a confessional since it's been a while soooooo... I really, really feel like I'm going to be the first name on the chopping block if we ever go to tribal. Thankfully though, we won this one. I've been working on building some relations with Charley, Henry, and Eddie. Okay by "I've been working" I mean they approached me and I went with it because I'm really scared of everyone please send help. Uh, anywho, there were some communication issues for this immunity challenge. I mean, it doesn't matter in the long run because we did win, but it did make me feel kind of sour. We agreed that the person with the lowest score would sit out, along with Charley. I stated my score multiple, multiple times. No one said anything about their final score until it was time to compare notes, in which case a lot of people said things like "Oh I already submitted." Looking back at the scores, I scored higher than two people who did submit. Unfortunately for me, that means that now they have another reason to throw around to get me out of here, because I had to sit out. I haven't been in the best emotional state lately, so I've been slacking a lot lately in the effort I put into this. That's obviously not an excuse, but I figured that should be out there. Anyways, in the present time, nothing really happened. It's been very reminiscent of the Aarhus tribe. I haven't been invited to any alliances and I definitely haven't seen much talking in the chat that involved the game. Everything is in place for me to lose right now, and I need to make sure that everything falls apart when it starts coming down on me. Hopefully that won't be for a while.


My new motto in this game. It's never easy being sleazy, but I get by.


Tribal CouncilEdit

So, the plan is to get rid off Eva. Eva wants to split the votes for me and Chris. Blake/Lori voting Chris while Eva/Cali are voting me. But Blake is with me and Chris and then we'll blindside Eva. Chris is 100% sure about his case but I'm 99.9% sure Blake will not allign with us. He does not make any sense. So, if I'm going I left in style. I fought several times for my spot and I'm trying to talk with everyone about the vote. Let's hope it will be not me.


So it's a split vote tonight. Blake said he was being threatened with an idol by the other two, so I decided we should split it 2-2

This requires absolute trust in everyone else, but I have it for these three. If this backfires then it could be me going home.