Day 1Edit

Sh*t I am screwed. I am in a tribe with: Ian - I voted him the first of the tribe twice. And he blamed me for at least one of these votes. Josiah - was really angry at me for voting Ian out, and never talked with me privately. Shannon - never had a real connection, we were in an alliance because Tata put us here... And I voted for her that evening then I was voted out...

Tata - she is amazing, but the problem is - everybody who read Greece's confessionals - knows my opinion about her, and may look at us as we are some kind of "power couple". From my short experience on this community - players like to copy the moves from real tv show survivor, and the main strategy on current season - is to break power couples... I really think I am in shitty situation, and I am trying to unite tribe and make peace with everyone.


Day 2Edit


Day 3Edit

God, this tribe sucks. It's just...why? Why and how the hell could you forget to do something like this? Especially David. Oh, my God, I'm so pissed at him the most. The dude was around literally when Orange and I were writing the story. Why the fuck didn't he contribute?! He literally went quiet as soon as Orange mentioned, "who's going next?" What a punk. And the sad thing is? We're fucking allies. Yeah, that sticky stack alliance thing? So, this really puts me in a tough spot. I could always flip on 'em, but that's a horrible thing to do this early. Dave better have a damn good excuse about this. So embarrassing.


"I couldn't write for shit." That's literally his excuse. How pathetic. I mean, did he fucking try, at least?! Ugh, this tribe makes me sick. Help me! Oh, but I shouldn't really get mad at David, only. Fucking Panda. Did you see what he did? He was told by Orange to write something. Oh, my God, anything! Panda said he would, I guess, and then probably just closed Facebook and turned his phone off. Thanks, man. OR, HE'S STILL WRITING AND HAS NO IDEA WE WENT TO TRIBAL!


I don't know how am i doing in this game. Even if I am in few alliances Tata made, others are very silent. This can mean 3 things: It's fake alliances for them, and they are here just to collect info OR they are not very into this game OR there is nothing to talk about while we are not in TC, and I am just paranoid


*plays the world's smallest violin*


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