but seriously tho, this tribe is like Ometepe

Got people fighting and then u got people wondering where the popcorn is Oh wait we got rice, RICE WARS EVERYONE!


Weird day, eh?


Right now, in this game, Hickman is my closest ally. He is like super legit and is super easy to work with, I don't think he would ever vote me out, and I don't think I would either...well. if I HAD to, but thats only if I HAVE to!

and I love his dog


Already this tribe is proving to be pretty crazy, which I expected because there are a lot of strong strategists here. I love my Hannah Banana but she is smart as hell, I'm gonna need to get her out sooner rather than later. It'll come down to if my trio can beat her alliance. We'll see!


I have talked to a few ppl on my tribe but not much. Not much conversation on our tribe I hope that doesn't mean we r going to lose immunity challenge. Trying my best to work with my tribe


So there is some major mayhem and foolishness going on right. I am starting the steps that I need to take in order to get this Hannah blindside to work. I already told Charley about Hannah wanting to potentially target her, and I think I have Eva and Priscilla with me for this. I am literally so nervous cause if anyone rats me out, I am beyond screwed. In the event if that happens though, well let's just say, snitches that are bitches get STITCHES.


I lowkey feel bad about voting Charley but I refuse to be her goat, This is my messy plan


Tribal Council Edit

I'm feeling kind of fucked right about now, which would suck if I went home because I am literally one of the only people to do anything in that damn challenge. But that's what these survivor games are no, give no fucks about how you're going to survive as a tribe, instead focus on getting rid of the "threats". I'm not even a threat, I know like two guys on the other side. If they get rid of me they're not very smart. I mean I'd get the strategy behind it, but like... This tribe is kind of useless? They need the strength they can get? There's probably going to be another challenge before we swap, so they need to figure out their shit.

I'm going to try and get a majority, and it might actually be easier than I thought. Hannah and Ella not helping with the challenge is great for me (and I don't hold it against them, real life comes first, I'm just saying it helps me) but like... Hopefully Lori, and Eva, and Pricilla, will side with me, and then I can get Courtney on my side too. I'm just hoping I can make this work. Going home this early would suck. I wanna chance to play with the guys, not go home in this tribe.


Wow, basically twenty minutes and my tides have turned! Cali, my hero, comes to me telling me Hannah is targeting me! Which I suspected, but couldn't do anything about until I knew. She then suggested targeting Hannah and getting her out, which is like YESSSSSSSSSS so now I'm very excited. I like Hannah, but she shouldn't have targeted me. I honestly tried finding a way that sounded less cocky, but that cockiness will be offset by this... I'm kind of nervous this is a big plot to get me out with an idol. But regardless, I'm choosing to trust someone, and this should work. Hopefully. I really really hope.


So we lost the challenge. I wasn't surprised, because we are operating at like half capacity. Half of us are sick and the other half are having trouble with the time frame, so the fact that we lost is kinda not the biggest shocker.

What is shocking is that my girl Priscilla isn't the target this time. It seems like Hannah and co have moved on to targeting Charley. This makes it all the easier for myself, Priscilla, and Cali to get her on our side. We already have Lori because Lori trusts me the most. This is going great.


We lost the challenge, as anticipated. My biggest concern was who we were going to vote out since our tribe seemed very tranquil. I decided on Hannah because she seems to harbor some friendships with the boys. As it turns out, I didn't really need to do much convincing since apparently Cali was invited to a majority alliance and they were talking about taking out me and Charley. I don't want to keep Hannah around because one, she did try to come after me at the first tribal. Two, that whole connection with the boys thing. And three, she's playing very, very hard. The first tribal was an easy vote and I'm not sure why she felt the need to try to blindside someone. We have Lori and Charley on board, so that's five votes. Hopefully we all stick to the plan, because I'm pretty sure she doesn't have an idol.


Well Ella & Charley want to work with me. But little do they know.

Everyone who is with Charley I told them to vote out Ella ( I don't want Azerbanana all over again)

Everyone who is with Ella I told them to vote Charley (I refuse to be a goat) Then whoever goes I'm going to blame it on whoever stays out of the 2

I'm highkey scared this is going to backfire.

TBH I think ELLLA is going to get rid of me when's she doesn't need me anymore.

And Charley I think would take me to the end as her goat



Ella likes to control things. Now I'm going to make voting Charley out seem like her idea. So I'll let her do her


So right now, if we don't swap next, and have to go to tribal, I'd want to send home Felix, Chris wants either Hickman or Felix, but I want Felix, he is a threat just because of his connection with Hannah and Johnny, like Hannah Felix Charley and I made an alliance, like Hannah went to Charley with that idea, I was with it, and then the next day is like "We need Charley out" like its not even that I don't like Hannah or Felix, they are super nice, but they just dont seem that trust worthy, so I will have some work to do in order to send Felix out over Hickman, because I want to have options in this game, there is a deal I worked out with me Charley Hickman, with possibly Cali and Courtney as potential swings we could grab, then maybe I could get Jared or something. ON THE OTHER HAND there is the Chris alliance, which would be me Chris Blake Jared Jamie and possibly Ella

Idk what I REALLY want to do yet, I think I will try to put myself in a position where I can use each one to take out the threats there is a lot of game to play still, so I will have to see how it goes, for all I know I could go at the next tribal