Well, my only two alliance members in the game are gone, so I guess I'm in an even worse spot than I started in. I'm actually in limbo right now. I have friends on this tribe, sure. But, I don't actually have alliances with anybody, which is the opposite of what I want. I'd even take Johnny at this point. Eh, okay, maybe not that far. I don't have high hopes for this immunity challenge either, considering everyone's saying that they can't draw, including myself. If we lose, there's a very high chance that I'm going to kick the bucket. Despite my lack of social presence, I am at least okay at this whole challenge thing. I should be using this time to socialize, but honestly, I don't think I click with anyone who I haven't already talked with. Here's to hoping this immunity I guess. I feel like a deflated balloon. At least those are flexible.


So far I won 1 challenge out of the 8? I'm sucking at challenges omg but hey I'm still here and if Lori goes there might be another tribe swap or merge. I want to make the jury so bad. I think I can come far in this game. I got Chris on my side and Charley is willing to work with me if we are together again. This game is so interesting and I'm stoked to play it more and more.


We won another immunity challenge! I don't have to feel bad anymore about winning because I won't have to worry about Cali and Eva being in danger. I felt pretty good about my participation in this immunity challenge. I think it'll make me enough of a threat to win some jury votes from the guys when the time comes around and it'll make me present enough around the tribe to be able to negotiate with people successfully. In the case of that however... guess who found an idol? This'll allow me to take out a threat in the case of attending a tribal, since I know the others will be gunning for my head. Hard to decide between them though... I'm thinking between Samuel and Johnny. Samuel because he has obvious prowess in challenges, and Johnny because he's just so shady as heck. He always looms around in the tribe chat but he doesn't talk or respond to any questions that come his way. That being said I could just sit back and relax for now. Or work on my social game... Nah, I'm just going to relax.


A lot has happened. The other tribe is like constructed of shit it seems, a least based off challenge performance. My tribe is great. Hickman is my best bro at the moment because he has my back. Eddie is also a close ally, but he's super smart, so I worry about him figuring out he should get rid of me. Other than that... The tribe members are nice. Johnny drives me bananas, he's not very helpful with regards to anything. But yeah, it's all good I guess.


my tribe is on a winning streak and I love it, < insert technical mumbo jumbo about numbers here> literally I have nothing else to say right now but our tribe has good numbers and is setting itself up good for later in the game.


Tribal Council Edit

im fucking DONE im tired of losing bring me to a fucking merge


im sad that we continue to lose and lose however im glad i have the opportunity to vote lori out, blake wanted to keep her around as a number to use to get my allies out come a merge, but now i get to get rid of her and blake has no excuse for not voting for her.


So Chris tild me they were voting Lori and Lori does not trust me anymore and won't talk to me so I have no choice but to vote Lori and hope Chris sticks to his word. I feel really bad right now. I feel like I'm being voted out. God