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Big Brother Winner Results

Angie and Yasmin, you have gone as far as you can and tonight the jury will decide who the winner of Big Brother one is and who will be walking out of here with a very large amount of (virtual) money!
Ayhan votes for...

Edward votes for...

Nathaniel votes for...

Tom votes for...
Thats two votes Yasmin, two Angie!
Marco votes for...

Sanny voted for .....................

Yasmin and Angie/big>
CONGRATULATIONS To Both!In a vote of 3-3 you have won the second season of Swag ORG's Big Brother!Thanks to every single person for playing this season! It was amazingly fun to host and you all did amazing!!</center>
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Big Brother Season 2 Finale

Finalists and jury members, welcome to the finale! The game is coming to an end and soon we will crown the winner of Big Brother 1!
Welcoming in our finalists!


Welcoming in our jury!!

Ayhan, Edward, 'Nathaniel, Tom, Marco, Sanny. Six people you have had a hand in voting out, tonight will decide your fate in this game.

Angie and Yasmin! Congratulations on making it to the final two! Now, you will have to make a speech on why you think you deserve to be the winner of Big Brother Two.

You will title your speech "Your Names's Final Speech". You have twenty four hours to do this. After you've both posted your speeches (or the 24 hours are up!), THE JURY will write their speeches and send them to me before they're posted, they may ask as many questions as they like but they must be about the game. Once all speeches have been posted, the jury are free to vote and the winner will be crowned!! Good luck, everybody!
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Eviction Results

By a vote of 1-0

I have decided to take Angie to F2 as we had a deal from Day 1! I'm sorry Sanny! You played the game very gracefully and I have a lot of respect for you! Good luck Angie!

Sanny, You have been evicted from the Big Brothe. Angie and Yasmin you have made it as far as you can go now the power is turned to the jury. Good Luck to both!
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HoH Part 3 Results

Due to a unfortunate situation only one person was able to submit for the final HoH. Angie this morning was admitted to the hospital due some injuries she sustained and was not able to submit. The hosts and I wish you on a speedy recovery.

The winner of the Final HoH is Yasmin. Yasmin please submit your vote on who you will be evicting from the big brother house. You have until 4:00 PM EST tomorrow to submit your vote.
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HoH Part 3

Only Yasmin and Angie will be competiting in this challenge. It is a jigsaw puzzle of the entire cast. Its a 120 piece and they rotate to make it difficult. The person with the lowest time wins The Final HoH of the summer.

You have until 12:05 pm EST Tomorrow to submit for the challenge.
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HoH Part 2 Results

The winner of Hoh Part 2 is ................................

Congrats to Angie. You move on to Part 3 where you will be competing against Yasmin.
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HoH Part 2

For the next 24-hours you will be competing in a live posting challenge on Facebook. A new HoH chat will be created and this is where the entire competition will take place.Periodically, throughout the snowstorm a host will post the following phrase: "WHO WANTS TO BE HOH?" When you see this post you will need reply with the following phrase: "I WANT TO BE HOH" but, everyone will only have one minute from when the host says who wants to be hoh? to get the phrase posted in the facebook chat. For every successful post, you will earn a point. But remember, you only have one minute to get your dip in.

The person with the most points will win HoH Part 2.
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HoH Part 1 Results

The winner of the Hoh Part 1 Challenge is......................................................

Congrats to Yasmin on winning Part 1. You get to sit out the part 2 HoH and move right to Hoh Part 3
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HoH Part 1

Everyone willl participating in this challenge including Yasmin the pervious HoH. Today's challenge is called Trololol. Its simple post as many pictures in your thread in 24 hours and you win HoH part 1. Rules: if you post any inapporiate pictures you will automatically be disqualified. Also you cant not post the same picture. It must be a different picture everytime you post. If you go over the time the pictures that you posted over time with not count same goes if you posted before time starts.
[Yasmin's Thread]
[Angie's Thread]
[Sanny's Thread]

You can begin your challenge at midnight est tonight.
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Sanny's Thread

You can begin posting at 12 am EST
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Angie's Thread

You can begin posting at 12 am EST
0 360

Yasmin's Thread

You can begin posting at 12am EST.
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Eviction Results

By a vote of 1-0

Nathaniel, you have been evicted from from the Big brother house.
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Veto Results

This is the Veto Meeting. Angie and Sanny have been nominated for eviction. But I have the power to veto one of the nominations. I have decided...


To use the veto on Sanny


That means Angie and Nathaniel are the final nominees. Sanny you have the sole vote tonight. You have until 6:55pm EST to submit your vote
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Veto Comp Results

The winner of the veto is.................................................

Congrats Yasmin you have won the final veto.
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Veto Competition

Today everyone will be playing the Final Veto Competition of the Summer.
You will be playing Kanye Zone the person will the highest score wins the power of veto. You have until 2:30 pm ESt tomorrow to submit your score.
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Nomination Ceremony

This is the nomination ceremony. One of my duties as the head of household is to nominate two people for eviction.


I have nominated Angie and Sanny.

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HoH Results

The winner is................................

Congrats to Yasmin. You have ntil 11:20 Am EST Tomorrow to submit your nominees
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HoH Competition

Everyone but Nathaniel will be participating in today's challenge. Nathaniel will not participate because he is the outgoing HoH
You be playing QWOP the person with the highest score will win HoH

You have until 6;30 PM EST Tommorow to submit
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